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Preferred Program Evaluations works closely with each client throughout the funding cycle: from pre-award proposal development to post-award project management. We take pride in being an accessible resource to our clients for the duration of each project by functioning as a sounding board for questions about implementation, instrumentation, performance tracking, and data interpretation. For example, we were actively involved in drafting the evaluation narrative, work plan, and metrics contained in the original grant proposals of our current projects.

Through systematic inquiry, Preferred Program Evaluations is able to monitor a project’s process and progress toward identified objectives, and make evidence-based recommendations to coordinate and strengthen the components of implementation. In addition to determining the most salient ways to articulate and measure project outcomes, we will establish clear and reasonable procedures for staff training, technical assistance, and data collection and management.

complement of SERVICEs

  • Evaluation design and logic model development

  • Evaluation plan timeline and statement of work

  • Literature review and best practices research

  • Culturally competent survey design, testing, and administration in pen/paper  and electronic formats

  • Interview and observation protocol development

  • Focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and site visit facilitation

  • Technical assistance for project staff

  • Qualitative and quantitative data cleaning and analysis

  • Formative and summative report writing

  • Presentation and dissemination of key findings and recommendations in various mediums

  • Data visualization including one-page report summaries and dashboards

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